Saturday, January 31, 2015

Velour Pink Tracksuit by ZAPS

Spring is here...and  if you are planning to buy a pretty tracksuit to start working out and loose all that winter fat, then don't shy away go ahead and purchase a Velour Tracksuit from Zaps..

If you have to loose weight why not do it with style???

Zaps is a premium Indian brand which has a rage of Tracksuits and Nightwear for ladies. Their Tracksuit's are available in multiple colours such green, pink and purple. They are stylish, trendy and extremely comfortable for light windy spring weather....I personally loved the pink shade its looks great on me!!

   Brand: ZAPS
   Material: Velour
   Price: INR 2000/$33 U.S.

You can also buy something similar like this on eBay:

>>>>> Velour Tracksuits for Women<<<<<<<
               Price: from  $18 to $1599

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